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Company Background and History

Redline Manufacturing Consultants started as an idea. "How can we boil down the vast number of processes and alloys for a particular application and simplify the choices for our customers"? The number of decisions needed can be overwhelming when you consider the annual volumes (eau), strength requirements, size or volume of the part, length of program and physical environment of the application.

At a very young age, the Founder and President of Redline Manufacturing, Dave Yothers, started taking things apart and occassionally putting them back together. He was so good at this re-assembly that often he had extra parts left over. This love of figuring out how things work and why they go together progressed until around the age of 16. That is when he discovered cars. Shortly after that, motorcycles (and eventually girls, but that is another story). A certified "gearhead" Dave has toured the country on his motorcycle, attended numerous racing schools and speed events, spectated at Formula 1, NASCAR, Moto GP, Superbike, and almost anything else with 2 or 4 wheels that goes fast. After starting his sales career at a Porsche, Audi, VW dealership he eventually found himself working for a multi-man Manufacturer's Rep agency, based in Cincinnati, focusing largely on the Automotive Industry, but with an additional emphasis on Hand Tools, Lawn and Garden, Safety Equipment and Power Transmission equipment. In 2011, Redline Manufacturing Consultants was started and results have been impressive with significant inroads into Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Firearms, Hardware, and Rescue Equipment.

Who We are:

Redline Manufacturing Consultants (RMC) is a manufacturer's rep agency focused on U.S. based supplier/customer partnerships. RMC has 20+ years of consultative, action-oriented experience with customers ranging from basement inventors to global giants.

What we do:

We help our clients navigate through uncertainty and confusion and we develop simplicity and confidence.


  • We remove one more task from your "to do" list...permanently
  • Meet your next "Supplier of the Year"
  • We add on layer after layer...of simplicity
  • We speak Engineer
  • We forge confidence...we cast and machine it too